Buble: I recorded my new album live

Buble: I recorded my new album live

The Michael Buble Christmas album was largely recorded live rather than using studio software like Pro Tools, the singer has revealed.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the Canadian said he feels something is "being lost in music" and expressed his desire to record using traditional methods.

"The greatest records in the world were made without going to Auto-tune or Pro Tools," he observed, adding these production methods fail to "capture the presence of the room".

Buble, whose new album consists of covers of Christmas tracks said he finds it "easier to get in the mood" if he records without wearing headphones.

When in the studio, Buble explained he generally positions the string section to his right and the horns on the left, adding that recording live was both scary and "beautiful".

Fans waiting for a Michael Buble tour were given an idea of what to expect by a live show broadcast on ITV yesterday (December 18th) and he is also set to play a Christmas concert for BBC Radio 2 on December 22nd.

His Christmas album is back at number one in the charts, having moved up from the number two spot on Sunday.

Posted by Lizzie Rivera