Chili Peppers reveal origins of new single

Chili Peppers reveal origins of new single

Holders of Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets might be interested to hear that The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie, the first single from the band's new album I'm With You, started life as an hour-long instrumental track that was set to be released as a B-side.

Speaking to MTV News, singer Anthony Kiedis revealed that the song began as an exercise by Flea, the group's bassist, to write a classic bass line.

The bass line was then turned into a long instrumental piece that the vocalist could not help but dance to.

Kiedis said: "I had no idea that it would even be a song, I just thought, 'Oh, this is a great dance track. Let's put it on as a B-side, [an] hour long.'

"And then, as fate would have it, people heard it, and they were like, 'Oh, that's your best thing right there. That's your best thing.' "

I'm With You is due for release on August 26th and will be followed by a series of live concerts, including shows at UK venues such as the O2, the SECC in Glasgow and the LG Arena in Birmingham.

Posted by Daniel Owens