F1 drivers criticise 'dangerous' track at Korea Grand Prix

Jarno Trulli has criticised the Korean F1 track

The new track at this weekend's Korea Grand Prix could be dangerous, Formula One drivers have said.

It is feared that the entry to the pit lane, which is on a blind corner, could cause trouble due to the difference in speeds of drivers pitting and those still racing.

Lotus driver Jarno Trulli called the track "dangerous" and "a big issue".

"While I was fine to make it back I was so slow that I had to look after myself when I was getting in," the BBC quotes him as saying.

"In this longer, blind right-hand corner I had to stay right in the racing line and I was so slow that I was wondering if someone might hit me in the back."

Trulli's fears are shared by Renault's Robert Kubica, who added: "If someone is pitting, you have to take a tighter line then it might be a bit dangerous if you are really close. It might be quite tight."

The Korean Grand Prix is a new addition to the F1 calendar this year and the track was built especially for the event.

It gets underway this Sunday (October 24th).

Posted by James Ford