I was too busy and too unfit for Strictly, says Vegas

Johnny Vegas has turned down a chance to appear on Strictly Come Dancing

Comedian Johnny Vegas has admitted that he was approached to become a contestant on this year's Strictly Come Dancing but turned it down because he was too busy and did not feel he was fit enough.

Vegas, 38, told Digital Spy that it was nice to be asked to take part but did not have the time.

"They made some enquiries but to be honest, it's such a big commitment to do the show and I really was just so busy with other things," he said.

He was also worried that he would not be up to the physical challenge of the show and thinks the producers may have been looking for someone with a lack of dancing ability to provide comedy.

"I just know health-wise... Well, would it be good for ratings - me keeling over," said Vegas. "I think they were looking for this season's John Sergeant and I think they thought they'd found that in me."

Vegas also emphatically ruled out an appearance on ITV's I'm a Celebrity... saying: "No! No, no, no! Not really mate! The idea of being on TV 24 hours a day and people seeing the real me... No."

A live tour of Strictly Come Dancing, featuring stars and routines from the show, will start at Manchester's MEN Arena on January 15th 2010.