Kaiser Chiefs reveal creative inspiration

Kaiser Chiefs reveal creative inspiration

The Kaiser Chiefs have spoken about some of the most deeply personal issues that have inspired their songs.

In an interview with the Sunday World, lead singer Ricky Wilson explained that bandmate and chief songwriter Nick Hodgson incorporates experiences such as his father's battle with Alzheimer's into his creative song-writing process.

"Songs like If You Will Have Me are about Nick's dad and it was really hard for him to write," Wilson said.

"When you're creating songs, you can't help but write from the mindset you're in at the time."

He also said that while the Kaiser Chief's songs may reflect serious issues and sensibilities, the band's live shows are charged with excitement - something those with Kaiser Chiefs tickets will be in no doubt about.

"If our band was going to be a film I'd rather it was an action-packed blockbuster where people go out of the cinema feeling indestructible," Wilson explained.

The Kaiser Chiefs recently posted two of their live performances on their website.

Posted by Robert Long