Lady Gaga: I want to change the music industry

Lady Gaga: I want to change the music industry

This year's Lady Gaga tour could be her opportunity to "win" meaningfully - an aim she has described in a recent article.

Writing for V Magazine, the singer related a story about buying pearls in Japan and having a revelation about their symbolism while watching Moneyball on the plane ride home.

In the film, one of the baseball players is unaware he has hit a home run because he is focused on his performance and the artist said she has felt the same way.

"Sometimes my face is buried so deep in the work I forget to look up," she stated. "Sometimes I don't even realise I've won, because the stadium is either cheering or screaming so loud it doesn't even matter."

The 25-year-old said she wants her future achievements to include doing something to change the music industry and transform both herself and her fans, because then they will "mean something".

Lady Gaga tickets were released on February 17th for Born This Way tour dates in Asia and Australasia.

Posted by Lizzie Rivera