Lady Gaga 'joins darts team'

Lady Gaga 'joins darts team'

Lady Gaga tour dates 2012 may need to be organised around the singer's darts schedule if rumours about her skill at the game are true.

The star has been reported to have joined a team in California and agreed to enter a league with them after she wiped the floor with some of her male friends, according to the Sun.

Her boyfriend Taylor Kinney is a keen darts fan and he and his pals often participate in local competitions.

When she was invited to join in recently, the musician surprised the players by beating many of them at the game.

"There was a load of banter about whether she knew where to stand and where to aim," a source told the newspaper.

"But after a while all that stopped. She told them she had a mean aim and she wasn't lying," the insider continued.

A Lady Gaga tour could be in the works, as the artist recently released a new single called Marry the Night, but no live gigs have yet been announced.

Posted by Lizzie Rivera