Lady Gaga more popular than Obama

Lady Gaga has over ten million Facebook friends

Ticket holders to Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour may be part of the reason that the songstress has more Facebook friends than Barack Obama.

The Poker Face singer has beaten the US president in getting ten million friends on the social networking website.

Lady Gaga has now broken the world record for the number Facebook friends as she is the only living person to have hit the ten million mark.

The Michael Jackson remembrance page has around 14 million friends.

Her Twitter account has also received more attention than that of Obama, with Lady Gaga having 4.72 million followers, leaving Obama trailing behind with only 4.42 million.

However, the eccentric pop star has not yet broken the record for Twitter followers, with Britney Spears leading the way with 5.24 million followers.

Lady Gaga also recently hit the news after previewing a new song called You and I at Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball last week.

The Bad Romance singer posted the video of the tune on her Twitter page.

Posted by Daniel Owens