Madonna: It's a shame the royal family are no longer stars

Madonna: It's a shame the royal family are no longer stars

A Madonna tour may be on its way and it is likely the star will play gigs in the UK, particularly as she is a fan of the royal family.

The singer recently made a film telling the story of King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne in order to be with the woman he loved - a divorcee from the US called Wallis Simpson.

It may not be a surprise to fans that she chose this subject matter for her directorial debut, which is called W.E., as she has long been reported to be a lover of the royal family and it seems she wishes other people revered them too.

"Edward VIII was really like a movie star. People were in love with him," the musician said.

Noting the royals are now seen more as ambassadors to their country, she remarked: "I think it's a shame. I like the old-fashioned way."

The 53-year-old recently won a golden globe for the theme tune to W.E, which is called Masterpiece.

Fans of the pop star may be excited to see the film while they await the announcement of new Madonna tour dates.

Posted by Claire Charpentier

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