New Skeletor tickets released this Friday

New Skeletor tickets released this Friday

Skeletor tickets for the metal gigs in Oxford will be released this Friday (March 16th) for shows to be put on later this year.

The monthly events are held at the O2 Academy in the southern town and are arranged by Skeletor Promotions.

On the Skeletor tour this year are Prospekt, who will headline the show on March 31st, The Safety Fire - taking the stage on April 28th - and Intensive Square, who top the bill on May 26th.

It has not yet been confirmed who will be performing at the gigs from June onwards, but tickets for the events are being sold early, which may mean metal lovers need to get their hands on passes quickly in case they run out closer to the date.

Reservations can be made for Skeletor shows running from September onwards, as of Friday, while spaces are already bookable for gigs up until August.

A review of January's event recently published on the Music of Oxford website stated that "Oxford metal has been reinvigorated over recent months and Skeletor Promotions has had no small part in championing the genre locally".

Posted by James Ford