New album on the way as Morrissey tickets go on sale?

Morrissey is to go on a UK tour this year

With Morrissey tickets to the singer's new UK tour dates going on sale this morning (May 13th), it has been unveiled that the former Smiths star has recorded a new studio album.

In an announcement of fans, Morrissey said that a new studio album was "ready" but that no release date has been planned as he is still without a record label.

"The follow-up to [last album] Years Of Refusal is ready and fluttering wildly against the bars," he wrote in a statement to

"There is still no record label and the years shuffle like cards. My talents do not lie in DIY."

He also explained comments made on a recent BBC Radio 4 interview in which he criticised the Royal Wedding and its media coverage, claiming that the interview had been heavily edited.

"If my interview sounded chopped and cropped, that's because it was," he said.

Morrissey begins a UK tour at Perth Theatre and Concert Hall on June 15th.

Posted by Samuel Ball