One Direction 'sink boat in Lake Placid'

One Direction 'sink boat in Lake Placid'

Those with One Direction tickets may be interested to hear the boyband sunk a boat in a US lake.

A source told the Sun the group was at Lake Placid in upstate New York, where they were enjoying the weather and the time away from "screaming fans".

They were in the location to shoot a new video, but they still found time to have some fun and had been going out on to the water in kayaks every day.

When the fivesome found a small boat, they decided they would get inside it, but a fight ensued between the members once they were onboard.

"Louis ended up throwing Liam in the water," the insider explained. "The rest of the lads started wrestling ... and the boat capsized."

The popstars were told off by the local port authority when they got back on dry land, but they "scarpered", the source added.

A One Direction tour was recently announced for December and January, when the boys will play 21 gigs across the UK.

Posted by Robert Long