One Direction 'surprise brave teen'

One Direction 'surprise brave teen'

Students at Prince Henry Grammar School in Otley, West Yorkshire, may be eager to get their hands on One Direction tickets after the boyband dropped into the establishment to give one of the pupils an award.

Danielle Bailey, 13, has won the Child of Courage prize for her achievements in swimming, despite having her legs and hands amputated at the age of four.

The teenager took to the sport just a year ago but is already an amateur gold medallist and it is for this reason that the fivesome came to the school to give her a surprise.

One Direction waited behind the scenes in an assembly and then came out to tell Danielle about the honour she had been chosen to recieve.

"I couldn't believe it when they came over to me," she told the Sun. "I love them all. My mates were so jealous."

Others who want to get close to the stars could attend a One Direction concert in December or January when the boyband will be touring the UK.

Posted by James Ford