Producer discusses new album following release of Justin Bieber tickets

Justin Bieber tickets went on sale today

Following today's (November 19th) release of Justin Bieber tickets to the singer's UK tour, the co-producer of his new album has been discussing the star's talent.

Born in Peterborough, Rob Wells is the co-producer on My Worlds Acoustic, a new acoustic-only album on the way from the teenage star.

Speaking to the Peterborough Examiner, Mr Wells said that the new record showcases the Canadian teen sensation's singing and musical talent.

"It's unplugged. It's stripped down. There are no gadgets, no embellishments, just the basics, and his voice," he said.

"He's hugely talented. He plays guitar, bass, piano and he can sing his butt off. Go back and watch those original YouTube videos and you'll see just how talented he is."

Tickets went on sale today for Justin Bieber's first ever UK tour, due to start at the NIA in Birmingham on March 4th.

He will also be playing shows in Liverpool, Newcastle, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Nottingham.

Posted by James Ford