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What is the viagogo Guarantee?
Buyers are guaranteed to receive valid tickets in time for the event. If a problem arises, viagogo will step in to provide comparable replacement tickets or a refund.

  • Issues relating to the tickets which are apparent prior to the event must be reported within 10 working days of receiving the tickets, otherwise this will no longer be covered by the viagogo Guarantee.
  • Should you experience problems with your tickets on the day of the event you must contact viagogo within 5 working days of the incident to report the issue.
  • In certain circumstances, you may be required to complete a Dispute Claim Form and provide additional information in order to claim a refund. Forms must be returned to viagogo 10 working days after receiving them, in order to apply for a refund.
  • Reasons why a claim may be rejected include but are not limited to:

  • - The claim is made outside of the timeframes listed above
    - A customer is denied entry to a venue as a result of attempting to enter the venue with a ticket that they are not eligible for (e.g. an adult entering on a child ticket)
    - A customer is denied entry to a venue as a result of their own error, for example failing to download and print their E-tickets ahead of time, attempting to enter with a confirmation email only or arriving late to the event
    - A customer is denied entry to a venue as a result of personal conduct or attire in line with the policies of the venue
    - A customer was made aware of a restriction on resale at the time of purchase, but has not attempted to enter the event with their tickets and has not been denied entry as a result of that resale restriction

Sellers are guaranteed to get paid for the tickets they sell and fulfil on time.

This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights. For further details please see our Terms and Conditions.

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